February 5, 2024

12 Startup Events to Attend in 2024

Searching for the best events to attend this year? We curated a list with the best startup conferences of 2024 for you. Take notes because these events are a great place to find new opportunities and meet other founders or projects to build your network.


Held in Dubai, unites 600 sponsors, 10,000 delegates, and 400 speakers, drawing government officials, business leaders, and celebrities. The summit features 2 startup pitches, 15 networking dinners, MMA fight night, 2 parties, and 3 Gala Awards, providing unparalleled networking and cultural experiences. Set against the backdrop of Dubai's business hub, the event is a must-attend for those aiming to turn innovative ideas into reality.

2. 4YFN

Marking its 10th anniversary, 4YFN 2024 stands out as a premier event for startup innovation. With expanded venues, stages, and speakers, the celebration emphasizes growth, AI, and startup funding. Aligned with Mobile World Congress, the event fosters a global community of entrepreneurs and investors, providing a dynamic platform for interaction, hands-on experience, and expert insights. A decade of empowering startups culminates in an event that propels world-changing ideas forward.

3. Hello Tomorrow

Uniting 3,000 attendees, 100 speakers, 4 stages, and 125 exhibitors, the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024 takes center stage in Paris. This flagship event is a mecca for deep tech enthusiasts, providing a vibrant platform for startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators to exchange groundbreaking ideas and delve into future-focused discussions. With a focus on learning, networking, and collaboration, the summit forms a nexus for industry leaders, decision-makers, and visionaries to shape the future together.

4. Startup Grind

Ready to grind? Startup Grind 2024 is all about the trailblazing startups shaping the future. Held at the iconic Fox Theatre in Silicon Valley, this event is a hotspot for startup teams, enthusiasts, and investors. It's the ultimate nexus for networking, learning, and collaboration, uniting the brightest minds in the startup realm. If you're aiming to ride the wave of startup innovation, this conference is your front-row seat to the action.

5. Tech EU Summit

Held at the historic venue The Old Billingsgate, along the River Thames in central London, this summit is a gathering of 2,000 forward-thinkers looking to connect, collaborate, and innovate with the tech world's brightest minds. Network with industry leaders and contribute to the sustainable growth of the tech industry. It's a chance to define the future of startup ecosystems in a responsible and impactful way.

6. Viva Technology

Viva Technology is one of Europe's premier tech events, focusing on innovation and technology transformation. It brings together startups, industry leaders, investors, and policymakers. Meet 11,400+ startups (from early-stage to unicorns & centaurs) and 2,600+ investors (from VC’s, investment funds and angels). Score new funding, boost growth, and ignite your next transformation.

7. Dublin Tech Summit

In the words of one of its speakers, Ashima Bhatt : “Dublin Tech Summit: Where proud European tech nerds / enthusiasts converge, ideas ignite, and those passionate about learning the next-gen innovations thrive. A must-attend event for the who’s who in the European tech industry, sparking networking opportunities, recruitment conversations, sales connections, partnership leads and more.”

8. South Summit

One of the best global showcases for startups, corporations, investors and institutions. It is held in Madrid and is famous for its pitch competitions. South Summit was born in 2012 and is now recognized as one of the world's leading platforms for entrepreneurship and innovation.

9. TechBBQ

Gear up for TechBBQ 2024, promising a distinctive event on September 11-12. This gathering seamlessly melds world-class stage content with unparalleled networking opportunities, infused with the Danish essence of 'hygge'—think comfort and coziness. It's not just an event; it's a platform where tech professionals converge to connect, collaborate, and innovate. TechBBQ uniquely balances valuable insights with a laid-back atmosphere, creating a blend of professional development and casual networking that's truly one-of-a-kind.

10. Oslo Innovation Week

Promoting sustainable solutions in line with the UN's goals, OIW boasts 60 varied events. It serves as the perfect stage for participants to delve into Nordic innovation, interact with remarkable speakers addressing significant global challenges, and partake in casual networking in Oslo—an urban, green, and food-centric city.

11. Web Summit

As one of the world's largest tech conferences, it draws over 70,000 participants, representing a diverse spectrum of companies shaping the tech landscape. Renowned for its extensive influence, networking prospects, and as a launchpad for cutting-edge technological innovations, Web Summit stands out on the global tech stage.

12. Slush

Slush 2024, a non-profit initiative fostering world-changing founders, is slated for November 30th to December 1st at the Expo and Convention Centre Helsinki. Bringing together visionary minds, from startup founders to investors and industry leaders, Slush creates a collaborative and inspirational atmosphere. Recognized for its distinct approach to nurturing global entrepreneurship and innovation, this event stands out as a beacon for those aiming to make a significant impact on the world.

This are, in our opinion, the ones you should have in mind this year. We know it might be overwhelming to have so many options, but we recommend you to prioritize those offering excellent networking tailored to your industry.

Each conference brings different opportunities, so attending at least one is crucial for keeping your startup ahead in the ecosystem.

If you don’t have the option to travel to another city (which is completely normal in initial stages) we encourage you to look for events in your city, with platforms like Eventbrite you can find interesting opportunities and they may even be free!

We wish you the best of luck, here's to your success! But overall, don't forget to enjoy the journey mates :)


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