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Imperia raises €3M to lead European supply chain SaaS

Imperia secures €3M funding led by Samaipata for its innovative SaaS supply chain solution. Backed by top investors, Imperia aims for Spanish market consolidation and international expansion. Trusted by global clients, Imperia revolutionizes supply chain management for SMEs worldwide.

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SolarMente: the Spanish startup invested by Di Caprio

SolarMente, the Spanish startup financed by Leonardo Di Caprio, offers innovative solar solutions to combat rising energy costs while championing sustainability. With a Netflix-like model, they make clean energy accessible and affordable for all households.

Funding Round

Utópika Labs raised €1.5M to lead the concious education movement

Utópika Labs, backed by a substantial €1.5M investment, is spearheading an educational revolution. Through their projects Terra school and Kuestiona platform, they're committed to reshaping society by fostering mindful learning and personal development, paving the way for a brighter future.

Weekly updates · Spotlight feature · Top 3 news on startups
Weekly updates · Spotlight feature · Top 3 news on startups
Weekly updates · Spotlight feature · Top 3 news on startups

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Behind the Scenes of Webflow Excellence with 90five's Founder

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How to Choose Your Follow-on Investor: A Step by Step Guide


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